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When you want versatility and as much height as possible [3.75" heel] without worrying about heel slippage. The opening sits right below the ankle and despite the slender look to the bootie, the toe area is wide and roomy.

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Although comfortable heels are amazing and wearable on most occasions, some days you just want a flat. With a 0.5" heel, orthotic insole and a higher vamp [cut above the joint line] these flats are not only dressy enough for any occasion they are comfortable and classic enough to wear anywhere and with anything. They are roomy around the toe area and designed to accommodate *most* bunions.

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Introducing the dr. Liza bootie


The dr. Liza bootie is the most comfortable ankle boot you will ever own. With all the signature elements of the dr. Liza sneaker pump and expert Brazilian craftsmanship, you will not want to take these off. The generous toe box and ankle opening mean that whether your feet and/or ankles are wide or narrow these will be a perfect fit. The rubber sole means that you can wear this beautiful ankle boot all year while the beautiful silhouette make it great for running around, an evening out or even a black tie event.

I designed these booties for everyone. Whether you have arthritis, ‘horrible feet’, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, large ankles, wide feet, narrow feet etc, you’ll be able to wear these comfortably. In fact you may never want to wear another pair of shoes again.


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FIT TIP | Are your pumps a little snug? Try wearing them with thick damp socks for 30 - 60 min for a custom stretch. Are your heels popping out? Try the Dr. Scholls gel heel liners at the back to prevent them from popping out. Questions? Email hi@drLizashoes.com 

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Going to parties, cooking dinners, taking family photos? Want to do it in a heel that is comfortable. 


Have you tried the pump perfected? The shockingly comfortable luxurious high heels designed by a doctor for true all day wear. Order now in time for the holidays at drLizashoes.com  Use the code HOLIDAY50 for 50% off your order. Looking for the perfect gift for yourself… tell a loved one ;)

The dr. Liza pump featured on FOX News

The dr. Liza pump was featured on FOX News as part of their holiday gift guide. Treat yourself to comfortable high heels that you can wear every day. Your body will thank you! drLizashoes.com

Treat yourself with a pair of beautiful high heels you can actually walk in. Made with buttery leather in Brazil they have shock absorbing platforms, an orthotic insole and injected cushioning throughout. Shop at drLizashoes.com

“Kill them with success and bury them with a smile” 

With over 10 years in practice and 30 years as an entrepreneur [I started young haha]  I thought I would reflect on one of the greatest challenges I have faced in my career.


In 2014 I decided to sell the clinic that I founded in 2007 in order to spend more time with my newborn son. I wanted to continue to work at the clinic without spending the significant time necessary to manage 6 health care providers. At the time my instincts told me not to sell it to the Chiropractor who had expressed interest in purchasing it. I had a bad feeling about her intentions but with the demands of a young son and a mother-in-law who was suffering from late stage cancer I decided against better judgment to proceed with the sale.  2 months later my email address was deleted and I was locked out of the office that I started in 2007 with all my personal belongings and patient files still in the clinic. When my patients decided to stay with me, this Chiropractor decided to file a frivolous lawsuit against me for lost revenue. She also proceeded to file complaints against me on behalf of patients without their consent, knowledge or approval.  Additional harassment included contacting my patients and colleagues at my new clinic and attempting to steal my domain name.

Through all of this I am proud to say I have persisted and used these challenges to fuel my success. In the time since my clinic was stolen from me I was able to start a new clinic, the[fix] that has been thriving. I became a body & posture expert for CTV’s The Social and CTV Morning Live, developed the dr. Liza pump and furthered my education to become a manual osteopath.  I also received the trailblazer and professional impact award from the Nigerian Canadian Newspaper and recently the Science & Technology Award from Afroglobal. Through this process I have learned that life in itself is a great learning tool and that as long as you are passionate about what you do, put in the work and maintain a positive outlook, you can achieve success. I have also learned to trust my instincts and will never make the same mistake twice!!