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Self Myofascial Release

Find myofascial release techniques you can do yourself at home using various tools like lacrosse balls, foam rollers and jade rollers.


Exercises for your glutes

Use these exercises to help prevent and treat back pain. They also help to tone and lift your butt.


Exercises for better sleep

These exercises are calming and will help improve your duration and quality of sleep.

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Dance based rehab exercises

These exercises are actually fun because all you have to do is dance as a form of rehab.


Picking shoes for your posture

Learn how to pick the right shoes for different postural faults like knock knees, pigeon toes and anterior pelvic tilt.



Exercises you can do at your desk. These will help counteract some of the effects of sitting.


High heel help

Tips and tricks to wear high heels safely and picking the right ones.

Increase your energy

Things you can do to increase your energy from morning till night.


Posture Fixes

Learn a variety of routines to improve your posture. The vary from easy to more advanced. Choose the one that works best for you!


Exercises to reduce stress

Learn different ways to de-stress included acupressure, stretches and breathing techniques.


Natural cosmetic fixes

Natural techniques to improve your appearance while helping you feel better.