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Well, my foot pain, and resultant knee and hip and neck pain, basically disappeared. The treatment was a lot less expensive and less painful when compared to foot surgery and the major recovery time.

The sessions were painful in the moment, but the tough stuff was over fast, and the effects were both immediate and cumulative. Myofascial technique essentially feels like a form of deep tissue massage.
— Toronto Star
Dr Liza is an excellent chiropractor, she has helped me feel better nearly instantly!! I call her a miracle worker! I recommend Dr Liza as one of the best Diagnostician and Chiropractor in Toronto
— Adele
Dr Liza is focused on providing immediate and fast acting results. She implements treatments both in the session and at home for faster results. Going to her beautiful office is adds even more enjoyment to the sessions.
— Sarah
Dr. Liza is not just your average chiropractor. The facilities are stunning and her expertise, care, and advise go above and beyond expectations.

She is creative and unique in her approach and truly provides a customized plan for the client. She does it with a standard of excellence that is top-notch. I would recommend Dr. Liza to anyone that is suffering from pain or discomfort, and wants to get better fast!
— Nicole
Dr Liza, is a consummate professional. Her diagnosis was ‘spot on’ and has made a tremendous difference to my quality of life. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.
— Rose
I have muscle damage and scarring from improper muscle training, sports injuries, neglect, and bad habits. I’ve been to multiple chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc. with essentially the same results.
I’ve been to Dr. Liza once and, though I realize there’s lots of work to go til I’m “fixed”, I can honestly say my shoulder and neck have never felt better or looser...after just one visit.
I will, without question, recommend Dr. Liza to anyone I meet!
— Jeff
It has been my experience that Dr. Liza’s experience and knowledge of the latest and most effective techniques leads her to a solution for each problem. Compassionate, thorough, with excellent assessment skills Dr. Liza gives you confidence that she is able to help. Quality care.
— Fraser