CBC Calgary + My Summer Shoe Sale!


Last night i visited CBC Calgary to share some tips on picking out the right heels to avoid injury. Naturally one of my recommendations was to choose shoes like the dr. Liza pump or sneaker pump which were developed as a healthy high heel.

And guess what? I have my biggest summer sale on until July 3rd. Get 60% off the dr. Liza pump and 45% off the dr. Liza sneaker pump!!!

SPRING SALE on the dr. Liza shoes | 4 day only


Use the code SPRING70 to get $70 off the dr. Liza sneaker pump*

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*These promo codes are valid until April 4th at midnight EST. Please note that discounted + US orders can be exchanged once but are not eligible for returns



FIT TIP | Are your pumps a little snug? Try wearing them with thick damp socks for 30 - 60 min for a custom stretch. Are your heels popping out? Try the Dr. Scholls gel heel liners at the back to prevent them from popping out. Questions? Email hi@drLizashoes.com 

Wearing The Wrong Shoes Is Like Driving With A Flat Tire


Yesterday on my drive in to the office, the ride felt kind of bumpy. I wasn’t able to control my car the way I normally do and I could feel every little bump. As I was pulling into the garage, someone waved me down to let me know I had a flat tire. Oooooh that’s why my car felt like crap.



Fast forward one day and I have my new tire on and the ride is smooth again. Made me think that this is almost exactly the same relationship your body has to your footwear. In the wrong footwear like unstable stilettos, ballet flats or worn out runners,  your body feels every bump and you don’t have the support or control you need to feel good. Once you put on the right shoes you feel supported, cushioned and in control of your movement. And those are all the elements I included in the dr. Liza pump. They are like the best tires, full of air that won’t catch a flat. Literally giving you that smooth ride we desperately need in life! 

Want to have that supported feeling in every pair of shoes, why not try custom orthotics. Visit thefixtto.com to book your appointment today!

dr. Liza pump year end notes


The dr. Liza pump launched in March of 2017 and I couldn't be more grateful for all the support and love. The initial kickstarter was a success and this year 6 sizes of the dr. Liza pump have sold out and after being re-stocked have sold out a a second time. I started with 2 colours and now have 4. I'm looking forward to adding 2 new colours in the new year [royal blue + beach sand] as well as a 2 inch version that LITERALLY FEELS LIKE RUNNING SHOES. I am so excited for these!!

I'm offering the last sale of the year to make room for the new shoes in 2018. Also note that the blush pink and ruby red are limited edition and will not be restocked so if you want them now is the time!



CTV Calgary - Wearing heels safely over the holidays

CTV Calgary - Holiday Heels

Research has shown that 20% of hospital visits for high heel related injury are actually fractures. Majority of these fractures are a result of falls. This is why I put rubber soles on the dr. Liza pump, so not only would you not slip but also not strain the muscles in your feet trying to keep balanced. Stilettos and alcohol can also be a dangerous combination so I recommend wearing a high heel with a thick heel so that you can maintain your balance.

And I think we all know the pain that can last for days and even months after a night out wearing the wrong heels so choose wisely. Choose the dr. Liza pumps and go out knowing your feet will be fine in the morning. Shop at drLizashoes.com

Watch the video below here. 

The dr. Liza pump featured on FOX News

The dr. Liza pump was featured on FOX News as part of their holiday gift guide. Treat yourself to comfortable high heels that you can wear every day. Your body will thank you! drLizashoes.com

Treat yourself with a pair of beautiful high heels you can actually walk in. Made with buttery leather in Brazil they have shock absorbing platforms, an orthotic insole and injected cushioning throughout. Shop at drLizashoes.com

dr. Liza pump on Daytime York

It was a pleasure to be on Daytime York this morning talking about what to look for when choosing a high heel. Missed today's segment? Here are some things you want to look for: 

1. Platform
2. Sturdy heel
3. Rubber grip
4. Orthotic insole
5. Comfortable fit

And all of these great qualities can be found in the dr. Liza pump 👠

Ordering the dr. Liza pump

After 2 years spent designing the perfect high heel, the dr. Liza pump is finally here! The shoes will be available to order online starting March 10, 2017 at drLizashoes.com Sizes range from 6-11 [including half sizes] and can comfortably accommodate a wider foot.

What makes them so comfortable?

ORTHOTIC INSOLE Feature advanced foam cushioning and contoured arch support for all day comfort and long-term wear. The orthotics in the dr. Liza pump are engineered to provide biomechanical support and correction with every step.

EVA PLATFORM The platform is made of shock-absorbing EVA to make every step cushiony and comfortable.

ROCKER SOLE The forefoot platform rocker sole  off loads weight at the metatarsal heads [ball of your foot].  This means little pressure at the front of your feet when you are standing or walking.

NON-SKID RUBBER OUTSOLE Provides traction and shock absorption to keep you grounded and balanced with every step.

DEEP HEEL CUP Gives you greater stability by controlling over pronation [when your feet roll in too much]. It also helps to gather the fat at the bottom of your heel to provide additional cushioning. 



dr. Liza pump

I'm so excited to launch my Kickstarter campaign for the dr. Liza pump. I've been working for almost 2 years to create a 3.75" pump that you can comfortably wear all day. 

By backing this project you will be rewarded with the dr. Liza pump at a discounted price. Even if you don't want the shoe you can still support the campaign by contributing as little as $10.

I would be forever grateful if you would support this endeavour 🙏#imbeggingplease

Here's the link for the Kickstarter campaign :


I only have till February 14th to raise the funds!! Please share. Pretty please!!

Learn more about the dr. Liza pump at drlizashoes.com