My week without sugar

As a self proclaimed sugar addict I decided to try going 25 days without any added sugar [including honey, agave nectar etc...]. I would like to say that I am doing this for my health but my main motivation is to flatten out my abs, clear my skin and whiten my eyes. 

Day 1: Hmm... My coffee with only cream and no sugar is tolerable. I don't miss sugar until about 7:30pm when my craving for a sweet fix hits. I eat a banana with some raw organic peanut butter and am satisfied. Bring it on Day 2!

Day 2: 0.8 lbs down. Woohooo. I go through the day resisting the candy bar at the[fix], snacking on raw almonds and an apple. By the time I get home from work I was famished eat ate half a rotisserie chicken, salad and a sweet potato. No dessert cravings today!

Day 3: I've gone up 0.2 lbs ?!?! Well this is why you are not suppose to weigh yourself everyday, only once a week. Disappointed I wonder if giving up my delicious candy and chocolate is really worth it for such minimal gains.

Day 4: Yes! Overall down 2.2 lbs. Just the motivation I need to continue on. My breakfast of 2.5% organic plain greek yogurt with wild blueberries, banana and walnuts is satisfying and I don't even give the candy bar a second look. 


Day 5: Down 3 lbs overall. Feeling great about the pounds but I know that it is not solely from giving up sugar. A lot of processed foods contain sugar so by giving up sugar you are essentially eating a lot cleaner. I thought I would crave sugar more but by the evening I don't even want something sweet and just munch on some organic popcorn popped in avocado oil and topped with a sprinkling of himalayan pink salt.

Day 6: Amazing, I am down 4.6 lbs. I feel about the same and my skin hasn't changed but to be fair I felt fine to begin with.  I think I have a rotisserie chicken addiction now since that seems to be the only thing I'm craving. By this point I'm actually enjoying my coffee with cream and no sugar and now realize that raw almonds are actually sweet.

Day 7: After Bikram yoga this morning I stepped on the scale and am down 6.2 lbs overall. I couldn't be happier as I sip my delicious cream filled coffee. I have been eating a lot of fat this week in an effort to minimize cravings and hopefully lose fat. I have enjoyed raw cashews, avocados, organic butter, olive oil, full fat cream and yogurt and it is working like a charm. I have even been generous with my salt. Mind you I am using only black salt and pink himalayan salt NOT table salt.

For the second week I will be taking out all grains [except for my popcorn] and on the third week dairy goes.