Here are my 6 favourite daily stretches

All of the stretches also include a strengthening component giving you a mini workout while you're stretching.

From top left to bottom right moving clockwise:

1. Pectorals stretch | Interlock your fingers behind your back. Pull your hands down towards the ground and squeeze your shoulder blades together. To squeeze your shoulder blades together, imagine that there is a pencil along your spine that you are trying to hold in place. Hold this for 5 slow seconds.

This is a great stretch for your pectorals. It also helps to lower your shoulders and strengthen the stabilizer muscles in your middle back.

2. Back bend | Interlock your fingers and bring your arms directly over your head. Look up to the ceiling and then to the wall behind you if possible. Plant your feet to the ground.  Let your arms follow so that you are arching backwards. You should feel a stretch at the front of your hips and feel yourself arching backwards. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, arch back a little bit more. Try to complete 5 deep breaths and come back up back to a standing position.

This is a great stretch because it helps to stretch your hip flexors, strengthen your core and decompress your spine.

3. Camel pose | Kneel on the floor, preferably on a mat. Let your shins lie flat on the mat while your upper legs are perpendicular to the mat. Start by placing your hands on the back of your hips and look backwards as you arch back. If you can see the wall behind you, take your hands and hold onto your heels. As you look back you should feel a stretch at the front on your hips and shoulders. Hold this for 5 slow breaths. Ensure that you come out of this posture as slowly as you went into it.  

This will help to decompress the spine, stretch the hip flexors and stretch the pectorals.

4. Calf stretch | While standing keep both legs straight. Move the leg that you are stretching directly in front of you. Place the heel on the ground and point the toes up to the ceiling [ankle dorsiflexion]. Slowly bend forward towards the ground ensuring to bend from the hips while keeping your back flat. You should feel a nice stretch in your calf muscle. Hold this for 10 breaths and come up slowly.

By holding up your foot instead of using a step you are activating the muscles at the front of your leg which allows for a deeper stretch of the calf.

5. Tree pose | Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bring your heel up to the front crease of the opposite hip. Lengthen your core and imagine that you have a string attached to your head that is pulling you back. Slowly try and push your bent knee backwards so that it is inline with the front of your hips. Hold this position for 10 slow seconds.

This pose is a great hip opener, helps with balance and stability and improving posture.

6. Quad stretch | Stand with your feet next to each other, use both hands to bring your heel back to your buttocks. Hold this stretch for 10 slow seconds.

This will help to stretch your quadricep muscles and stretch your pectorals.