Expertly handcrafted in Brazil, the dr. Liza shoes are high heels that you put on in the morning and when you take them off at night, your feet don't hurt. Designed by a doctor for true all day wear, these are heels that you can wear everyday to work, to go out or even for a stroll. In dr. Liza shoes you can look stylish and put together all day, everyday without having to sacrifice comfort. 

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ORTHOTIC INSOLE Features advanced foam cushioning and contoured arch support for all day comfort and long-term wear. The orthotics in the dr. Liza pump are engineered to provide biomechanical support and correction with every step.

EVA PLATFORM The platform is made of shock-absorbing EVA to make every step cushiony and comfortable.

ROCKER SOLE The forefoot platform rocker sole  off loads weight at the metatarsal heads [ball of your foot].  This means little pressure at the front of your feet when you are standing or walking.

NON-SKID RUBBER OUTSOLE Provides traction and shock absorption to keep you grounded and balanced with every step.

DEEP HEEL CUP Gives you greater stability by controlling over pronation [when your feet roll in too much]. It also helps to gather the fat at the bottom of your heel to provide additional cushioning.