Can improving your posture be the secret to finding love?


Some time ago I had a new patient come in to see me for help with her posture and neck pain. She had recently moved to the city to start fresh and hopefully meet her soulmate. I don’t know if she knew that both goals of improving her posture and falling in love were so closely linked. After the treatment, I recommended that she see me in a weeks time to follow up and assess how she responded to treatment. Unfortunately with my busy schedule it was 5 weeks until I saw her again. I asked her how she had responded to the first visit and she commented that she was sore for 2 days but then hasn’t had any pain at all since. Her posture was noticeably improved and she seemed happy. I inquired about her dating life and her eyes lit up. She told me that ‘things are so different here. I have so many guys interested in me. I’ve never had this kind of reaction before.” She then told me about her experience at a upscale downtown club and how a very attractive man approached her in a sea of beautiful women and asked if she was single. He took her number and proceeded to ask her out and they found a connection. She told me that she felt like she got her mojo back and she was really enjoying herself and this new found self-confidence.

While there are so many factors to account for this new found sense of self, improved posture certainly played a part in the magnetic attraction she was exuding. Not only do men find women [and vice versa] with better posture more attractive, when you have improved posture you genuinely feel more confident. This is because your body produces more testosterone - which is the hormone associated with confidence - when you are in a more upright open posture. It also sends out the right body language indicating that you are open to opportunity.  Opportunity to attract the love of your life or even great  work and life opportunities.

And honestly when you improve your posture you just look better too. Since we tend to be quite a superficial society, looks do matter. Improving your posture won’t make you look like a different person, it will just make you look like the best version of yourself. Which is great because why would you want to look like anyone else.